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Today LEIBROCK located in the "heart" of German's Shoe Industry in Pirmasens is one of the last German Tradition-Companies for manufacturing innovative and high-quality Shoe Machines "MADE IN GERMANY".

Since nearly 40 years, LEIBROCK is working in very close partnership to all important shoe-manufacturers and the LEIBROCK machines - developed and produced hundred percent "in-house" in Pirmasens/Germany- are extremely well accepted everywhere in the world, where shoes are made.

The programme of machines produced and supplied by LEIBROCK is extremely extensive, from machines for making the uppers to machines for assembling the shoes (Lasting and Bottoming) up to Finishing. Simple products as well as complex machines of high technology, e.g. like high capacity Automatic Roughers and Cementers are part of the actual and interesting sales-programme.

Besides producing machines in batches, LEIBROCK is always open to listen to special requests of it's customers, which then might lead to "made-to-order" machines as per the specification of the individual clients.

The success of the LEIBROCK Production Unit in Pirmasens is depending on numerous High-Tech CNC machine tools and by using this equipment, high precision and perfect quality of the produced components and parts can be guaranteed.

In addition, LEIBROCK is having his own aluminium-foundry and also a section for vulcanising rubber-pieces and moulds.

LEIBROCK, the "House of Innovations" for shoe machines is furthermore extremely service oriented and always working hard to react fast and unbureaucratically to customer requests after new machines, tools or alterations of existing systems.

LEIBROCK - Partner of the world-wide Shoe Industry in the development and manufacturing of innovative and durable products !